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Issue 10: Fashion
Editor's notes
Charlotte James
16 November 2022
All The Men Were Suffering From Dust
Ffian Jones and Siôn Marshall-Waters
17 November 2022
The earth remains yet flowers change
Laurie Broughton
22 November 2022
Megan Winstone
22 November 2022
A Warm Embrace
Ophelia Dos Santos
28 November 2022
Issue 8: Making New Work – Artists Respond to the Now
Editor's notes
Making New Work: Artists Respond to the Now
Amgueddfa Cymru and Arts Council of Wales
20 December 2021
Reflections of Covid
Jo-Anna Duncalf
15 December 2021
She let me play the organ
Mia Roberts
15 December 2021
Texture Map
Philip Cheater
15 December 2021
A World View
Geraint Ross Evans
15 December 2021
All the Rage (The Princess and the Pea)
Emily Laurens
15 December 2021
Do you think they know we’re Gay?
Dafydd Williams
15 December 2021
The Betrayal Cycle
João Saramago
15 December 2021
Issue 7: Power, Money and Visual Culture
Editor's notes
Power, Money and Visual Culture
Beau W. Beakhouse and Sadia Pineda Hameed
24 November 2021
Paintings, Peasants & Philanthropy
Jon Doyle
24 November 2021
In Response to the Police Truncheon
She Elloise
24 November 2021
Art Work as Work: Contesting Labour
Stephen Heinson
24 November 2021
Issue 5: Cynefin/Habitat
Cynefin Conversation Cards
Celf ar y Cyd
27 May 2021
Catrin Menai
27 May 2021
Twigs of Ash
David Mullin
27 May 2021
Tomorrow Stones
27 May 2021
No Change
Sioned Jones
27 May 2021
The Folk Song We All Know
The Angharad
27 May 2021
Issue 2: Arts in Health
Editor's notes
Edition 2 - Arts in Health
Angela Maddock
28 October 2020
The Pause for Hospital Art
Zain Amir
28 October 2020
Where are the Disability Arts?
Amanda Wells
28 October 2020
Comfort in Small Things
Angela Maddock
28 October 2020
The Art of Wellbeing
Maria Hayes
28 October 2020
Learning Resource: Hexagon Patchwork
Becky Adams
10 November 2020