Sioned Jones
27 May 2021

No Change

Sioned Jones

27 May 2021 | Minute read

This artwork is inspired by a tin can that was turned into a collection box for coal-owner David Davies’s TB eradication campaign in 1914. It highlights the habitual cycle of exploitation, injustice and charity reproduced in Merthyr by industry, corporations and politicians, “from Cholera to Consumption to Coronavirus”.

The images document the history of health inequality in Merthyr Tydfil over a 200-year period. The artist’s personal connection to this history is marked by fingerprints touching the inequalities affecting her and her family’s lived experience.

Born and raised in Merthyr, Sioned Jones is a mam and community worker fighting classism on ROUGHCASTE. She's currently making an infographic series about the lived experience of class inequality in the UK.


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