Glyn Price
1 July 2024

Our World: Painting Activity

Glyn Price

1 July 2024 | Minute read

Glyn Price was inspired by the theme of Our World on Celf ar y Cyd, and through this activity invites you to go exploring in the outdoors, taking note of what in your local area inspires you. Have a read of his step-by-step guide to creating your own piece of art inspired by your local area.

Our World: Reacting to landscapes and the world around us

5 Step activity to inspire you to create your own original artwork of your world.

Search for inspiration from a piece of art or a style within the collection. Create your own piece of art about your local area using your own language and style.

Step 1: Learn

Have a look at pieces of art by visual artists within the collection – is there an artist or a style that catches your eye?

Step 2: Be active

Wander in the great outdoors, in your local area in your ‘Cynefin’ and the world around you to gather ideas for creating your own piece of art.

Step 3: Take note

Respond to what interests you in the great outdoors. It could be a landscape, building or anything in the world around you. Take a picture with a camera, do a quick sketch or take note of your surroundings by just sitting and taking it all in.

Step 4: Connect

Think about creating a final piece which is linked to your research, your sketch or your photograph. Take a look back at your learning from ‘Step 1’ to develop your own style by experimenting.

Step 5: Create

Create your own piece of original art which is personal to you and responds to your ‘Cynefin’. Remember to use your own style and language to ensure you enjoy.

Example of the process

1. Research and learn about pieces of art in the national collection, for example, Dolbadarn Castle by William George Jennings:

Dolbardarn Castle
JENNINGS, William George
© Amgueddfa Cymru - Museum Wales

2. Be active and get out into the great outdoors – ‘your world’.

3. Take notes whilst discovering your local area, by sketching or taking pictures with a camera.

4. Make connections whilst researching styles and thinking about how these will link to your final work

5. Create a piece of original art of your world.

PRICE, Glyn, Dolbadarn Castle © Glyn Price

Dolbadarn Castle – Glyn Price (2023), watercolour 

About the artist

About me: Glyn Price

Jobs: Landscape Artist, Art Tutor, Youth Support Worker 16-25

Where can you see my artworks: Instagram @glynprice; Facebook CELF GlynPrice ART; and my website www.glynprice.com

My favourite artists: William Turner, Van Gogh, Kevin Sinnott and the Impressionists.

Artist statement:

"The process of creating my artworks starts when I'm out in the open, walking with my friends and family in Eryri (Snowdonia). I'm very interested in the shape of the landscape, the colours and the light. I respond to the landscape using my own language. In my studio I get the opportunity to research the process and create works of art from the art, of places that mean something to me. I want to encourage people to make the most of what we already have here in Wales, using my passion, energy and pride through the creative process.

This is my land, I have roots here and this is where I live and one day will rest. In the meantime I have work to do. I am in the land and the land is in me."


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