The Angharad
27 May 2021

The Folk Song We All Know

The Angharad

27 May 2021 | Minute read

Our Habitat is where we do the continual labour of maintenance. Not changing the world, but constantly cleaning, cooking and sustaining ourselves. This work is traditionally done by women and working-class people, but it is familiar to everyone. Sustaining work, like music, is ephemeral.

The Folk Song We All Know by The Angharad takes advantage of stretching kitchen sounds further than their usual limits, creating some melodic and dreamlike elements, to encourage a restful and meditative state. All of this is done using everyday sounds recorded in the kitchen, many of which are sounds created all over the world by millions of strangers every day.

“While working on this piece, I found myself more present and aware of the sounds around me and those I was making. I hope that after listening to this piece some of that awareness stays with you, the audience, and helps you pay attention to the present moment, seeing the individual sounds and sensory experiences of each moment in your life as important.”

Angharad is a 26-year-old non-binary disabled trans artist. They are a musician and sound artist, who has produced music singles, music videos, podcasts, YouTube series, and theatre work. They believe everything is complex, and it is a disservice to edit out the nuance.

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