Sean Kenny, Senior Learning Officer - Amgueddfa Cymru
5 April 2023

What Can you Do in a Gallery?

Sean Kenny, Senior Learning Officer - Amgueddfa Cymru

5 April 2023 | Minute read

Ever stood outside a gallery and thought, what’s it like in there? What are you allowed or not allowed to do? Is it for me?

Yes? You’re not the only one. But luckily we have you covered! Enjoying a gallery is something that should be for everyone, so don’t worry if you’ve never been before or if you don’t know what you are meant to do or think. Click play on the video above to help get you started.   

If you can’t spare a couple of minutes to watch, here are a few tips that we think might be helpful…

  1. Work out what you like in a gallery – is there a piece in the space that stands out to you?
  2. Work out what you don’t like – art is there to divide opinion, you don’t have to like every piece. 
  3. Take a moment in front of a piece of art – take it all in, most people only look at a work of art for an average of 6 seconds – what more can you see if you stay for longer?
  4. Put yourself in the artist’s shoes – why did they paint this? What were conditions like when it was painted? You can ask whatever you want!
  5. Don’t be intimidated by a quiet gallery. Art sparks conversation – have a chat about it, everyone has a different perspective to bring, and everyone’s opinion is valid! 
  6. Make yourself at home in a gallery, take a sketchbook, grab a seat and take your time
  7. Take a picture. You can’t take the art home with you, so why not take a picture and have another look when you get home? 


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