Lydia Niziblian
11 August 2023


Lydia Niziblian

11 August 2023 | Minute read

A circular silver pendant on a chain, placed on a grey stone background.

Pendant, NIZIBLIAN, Lydia, © Lydia Niziblian 

When I was unwell, I felt completely blank and flat; a dreadful, total void. 

Over time, very gradually tiny parts of me started to reappear. 

The light and texture and chaos slowly leaked through the cracks in the blankness until I was almost completely me again. 


Pendant is 55mm across, made in completely recycled materials: silver, 18ct gold and assorted gemstones. 


About Lydia Niziblian 

Since 2009 I’ve been working from my studio in my home town of Cardiff as an independent jewellery designer/maker. I use traditional smithing techniques and carefully sourced materials. Each piece I make is made with the intention of inspiring the happy feeling of found treasure. 



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