Onismo Muhlanga
5 December 2023

Coastal Kaleidoscope

Onismo Muhlanga

5 December 2023 | Minute read

An explorative journey with visuals, poetry, and soundscape. Presented as a cinematic experience offering a unique perspective into the interconnectedness of coastal communities, where nature and culture harmonize. This immersive exploration delves into the sacred waters that both embrace and enrich the cultural tapestry of Wales’s coastline, inviting you to remember the profound unity within this ambient coastal mosaic.

In nature’s grand theatre, where land meets sea, 
A coastal tapestry, diverse and free. 
Plants, like ancestors, a community’s core, 
Traditions to unfold, and stories still to explore.

Unified by the rhythm of the tide, 
As ancient roots and new worlds collide. 
In this living kaleidoscope, we stand, 
Amidst unity and mystery, hand in hand.

Journey westward, where water meets land’s embrace, 
The coastal plants, a unique living grace. 
Their stories, like whispers on the breeze, 
Rooted in the past, yet dancing with ease.

With waves as our guide, we weave and roam, 
Through nature’s embrace, we find our home. 
A harmonious dance of culture and earth, 
Honouring Wales’s coast rhythm of birth.

As the moon kisses the horizon, ‘Coastal Kaleidoscope’ unfold, unveiling a captivating world where the land and sea merge, painting a vivid tapestry of life.

An ancient narrative that coexists with new stories.

We venture further, to the path that draws us closer to the glistening waters of the western coast.

Here, each coastal plant is a living testament to the intricate mosaic of cultures that grace these shores.

In the delicate rustle of tides, the whispered tales come to life.  

They remind us that unity, in these ever-changing times, is our steadfast anchor, the force that moves us forward.

With every step, we become immersed in a realm where coastal plants have formed their own unique community, a harmonious reflection of the spirited tapestry that surrounds them.

With their roots, like the shores who travel to and from them, are deeply entwined with the past and the present into the future.

Project Credits

Directed, Cinematography, Poetry and Spoken word by
Onismo Muhlanga

Assistant Camera and Stills Photography by
James Matthew-Mitchell

Spoken word read by
Ffion Campbell-Davies

Water Wisdom, Sacred Legacy from
Malidoma Patrice Some

Assistance with sound clarity by
Tanaka Chitsamba

Gratitude to the Ancestors and Urban Circle Newport and Amgueddfa Cymru


Malidoma Some – Water Wisdom, Sacred Legacy: How Oral History and Tradition Can Inform the Future

Laugharne Castle
INCE, Joseph Murray
© Amgueddfa Cymru - Museum Wales

Unidentified Landscape, Banks, Evie, © Evie Banks

Beach Scene with Tents
MARKS, Margret (Grete)
© Estate of Margarete Marks. All Rights Reserved. DACS 2024/Amgueddfa Cymru - Museum Wales
Caswell Bay
MURRAY, William Grant
© Amgueddfa Cymru - Museum Wales


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