Evie Banks
20 September 2023

Unidentified Landscape

Evie Banks

20 September 2023 | Minute read

Unidentified Landscape, Banks, Evie, © Evie Banks

Evie Banks is an artist and curator studying for an MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths University of London. As an artist Banks’s interest lies in phenomenology, which allows us to explore our relationship to the world using all our senses, with the body as a form of consciousness underpinning all action. Paint is used as the tool to translate and visualise her internalisation and engagement with the natural landscape. Banks’s process is intuitive, working instinctively with no preconceived notion of the end image. With a basis in colour theory and aesthetics, she uses colour in a playful manner as an extension of the landscape. Through integrated and complex layers of brush strokes, graphic line, colour blocks and repeated pattern, Banks aims to increase dynamic and depth, to create a pathway for visual exploration.

As a curator, Evie Banks is currently engaging with landscape, plants, rooted beings, and composting. Banks previously co-curated Demystifying Acquisitions alongside Amgueddfa Cymru, an exhibition that questions and breaks down the traditional hierarchies of Art. Taste the Difference is Banks’s first co-curated show in London.


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