Ella Louise Jones
10 June 2024

Scrap Fabric Collage

Ella Louise Jones

10 June 2024 | Minute read

Artist Ella Louise Jones is inspired by the Welsh landscape and likes to explore this through tactile textures and materials. Here she invites you to create your own work with pieces of material you can find lying around your house. Get creative and follow the steps below.

1. Choose Your Scrap Fabric: Look through your old clothes that you can't recycle due to paint stains or holes. Instead of throwing them away, repurpose them for your art. Cut these fabrics into usable pieces for your collage.

2. Select Your Fabrics: Pick out your favourite fabrics, considering their colours, patterns, and textures. Think about your collage idea and how these fabrics can bring it to life. Before cutting, plan out how you'll use each fabric piece to illustrate your concept.

3. Cutting Technique: Use a good pair of scissors to cut out your designs. For intricate cuts, sketch your design on the fabric with a fine liner pen before cutting. This helps maintain precision.

4.Symmetrical Cutting: For symmetrical designs, fold your fabric in half and sketch your design on one side only. Then, cut along the drawn lines. When you unfold the fabric, both sides should mirror each other.

5. Assemble Your Collage: Once you've cut out all your fabric pieces, experiment with different layouts on your paper. Play around with designs until you're satisfied. When you've found the perfect arrangement, glue the fabric onto the paper using Pritt stick glue, PVA glue, or a glue gun - whichever you find most convenient.

6. I’d love to see them - Please share them with us, emailing your pictures to sean.kenny@museumwales.ac.uk


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