5 April 2023

Apron Workshop with Adéọlá


5 April 2023 | Minute read

Hi, my name is Adéọlá and I am artist based in Wales. I was born and raised in Trinidad. Trinidad is known for its amazing carnival and carnival has influenced the work that I make. I am also inspired by nature and how we connect to nature elements. Some of my pieces involve making aprons or skirts with painted lines and patterns and sometimes even words! The aprons are like costumes (this is an aspect of carnival). I like to mix painting, mark-making, costume/adornment and photography. Here, I will show you a simple way to make your own apron, taking the same steps I do, when making my pieces.


Step 1

Materials: Paint (2 colours), Paint Brushes, Paper/Newspaper/Fabric, scissors, paper and pencil, belt, camera/phone 

Optional: printer or computer with drawing programme

Make sure you have a clear surface to work on that is covered for protection from paint or that you don’t mind getting messy.

You can make your own paint using this recipe:

½ cup flour 
½ cup salt 
½ cup water

Mix until smooth then add few drops of food colouring


Step 2

Choose a Theme:

For this example, I’m choosing Nature & the Environment as a theme. I’m going to work with water so my colours will be blue and white. I will be using lots of swirly water lines in my design. You can draw a sketch of what you want your design to look like. It’s okay if it changes when you start painting.


Step 3

Cut your paper/cloth

Measure the paper or fabric to your body so that you get the perfect length for you. Cut to the size you want.


Step 4

Let’s paint! Think of a pattern or use your sketch. Have fun!


Step 5

Wait for your paint to dry. Wet paint can be very messy


Step 6

Now that your piece is dry, use the belt to fold the top the paper/fabric over and put it around your waist for a photo! Ask someone to take a photo of you in your apron. Remember to strike a pose! You can take as many photos as you like. I’m taking 2.


Step 7

Now, you can either get the photos printed, and paint the background, like what I did in this piece


You can upload the images onto your computer and ‘paint’ the background that way. I’m using my favourite programme called: SketchBook


Step 8

Well done! It took a long time, but here is my finished piece! I can print this now. 

What does yours look like? 

I’d love to see them - Please share them with us, emailing your pictures to sean.kenny@museumwales.ac.uk


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