Catrin Menai
27 May 2021


Catrin Menai

27 May 2021 | Minute read

Catrin Menai (b. 1987) is an artist working between Wales and Glasgow. Attending to the materials of attention, she uses words, film and found objects as a way to explore chains of association, methods of exchange, and various forms of company.

“I read somewhere that inside the spinal cord of a horse is a butterfly-shaped core of nerve cells. It’s an image that stays with me, just like ‘home’ does and all the images attached that bundle and emerge, that take flight. I was pulled towards the horse figurine found by ‘chance’ whilst digging in a garden in Pant-yr-Heol, Pentwyn Mawr (1949). I imagined a person moving towards a horse and a horse moving towards a person, the underlying communication here; of encounter and entanglement. It’s true, we are entangled with our habitat. The friction is scientific but full of poetry, as the landscape moves, opens out.”


  1. Bronze horse figurine, 100 BCE–100 CE
  2. Carneddau Mountains
  3. Brenda Chamberlain – Life-sized horses drawn directly onto the walls with charcoal and red ochre (Carreg Fawr, Ynys Enlli). Chamberlain waving goodbye to a boat from the island
  4. Patrick Farmer – Close mic hydrophone field recording of ice melting on Fachwen Pool (Newtown).


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